Semalt Expert: Readability And Success Go Together

In any online campaign, relevance to the audience is a key factor no blogger can afford to ignore. It is one of the factors which prove content relevance as well as increasing the readability of your information. Moreover, Google announced that content relevance would be a major factor in the Google algorithm regarding ranking. The readability of your content can, therefore, be an important ranking factor as far as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is concerned. Many successful businesses have unique SEO firms which help them to develop graphic content, explaining the success of their e-commerce websites. Users should employ content relevance in various aspects such as increasing the readability of your blog.

In most cases, content becomes unreadable when it is too long. In most blog posts the content should be between 500 to 700 words to make an average page content size. This length can be low in some applications such as mobile view pane. Remember the 2017 update of Google algorithm rewards mobile friendly sites. For informative pages, the content can be longer than 700 words. However, posts with more than 1300 words are too long for a person to read. Most people searching the web tend to have short attention spans. The engagement on your website can go down hurting some of your SEO efforts.

Jason Adler, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, offers to your attention the following ways you can fix lengthy content:

1. Using series

It can be a good idea to break the information to series. These can include a series of events hence keeping the reader engagement high. Some users prefer to include introductory paragraphs and abstract. This field can allow one to break down the entire article into sections, whereby the first part should contain the main points of the article.

2. Slideshows

Slideshows give infographics to a user making the explanation of most concepts easy. The human mind can recall pictures with more ease than written content. Slideshows create a graphical info description of the way a process can happen. Moreover, slide shows can also be available in video content, where tutorials and webinars can become easy to use.

3. Videos

Videos can be an excellent content idea. A motion picture can be worth more than a thousand words. This approach can not only engage the right amount of your content but also make a reader stay on your page for long. Furthermore, Google now considers videos as standard content. Videos appear on a different index which can make your website ranking increase. Posting video content is also free on most websites.


Most businesses experience difficulties when it comes to developing content for their readers. Many SEO agencies outsource their content to freelance sites which do not necessarily mean success to their websites. Moreover, as information keeps moving from person to person, the integrity of your marketing goal dilutes with time. This aspect can explain the failure of some SEO campaigns. This guide has readability factors which can enhance the quality of your posts. As a result, your audience can benefit from this success and make numerous steps regarding content creation. You can use this guide to increase the success of your marketing campaign.

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